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Showcased: Barbara Vaughn, photograph mounted on dibond

Showcased: Dana Lynn Louis, sumi ink and acrylic paint on tea stained and dyed fiber 

Showcased: Christopher Brown, oil on canvas

From Right to Left: Dana Lynn Louis, Dara Mark, Lawrence Fodor 

Showcased: Mia Brownell, oil on canvas

Showcased: Fei Disbrow, photograph mounted on dibond 

              Artworks are virtually installed within a fraction of a square inch of accuracy.

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Digital tools available in 2020 offer so much possibility in the arena of visual inspiration through Virtual Installations. Although this sophisticated technology has been available for several years, the team at Friesen Gallery has perfected the usage of these digital tools and now has the ability to create Virtual Installations for our Clients, Interior Designers, and Architects within one inch of accuracy incorporating lighting, detail and precision. Using our 34-years of experience curating art for a myriad of interiors and exteriors from our widely recognized stable of artists – from emerging to internationally renowned – we enjoy creating installations for all spaces with our impressive complimentary service.

Art asks questions, evokes feelings, elicits moods, and brings energy to a space that can otherwise be seen as static. Using the strong digital communication skills that come with Virtual Installations, we are able to assist collectors in bridging the gap between intrigue and ownership. 


Site Specific Commissions are an exciting way to elevate both interior and exterior spaces with unique artworks that have been constructed with their final home in mind. Our Team has the ability to both listen and understand the Client's specific needs and desired outcomes. From this point, we utilize the synergy of our expertise and the digital tools provided by our Virtual Installation Services to begin the ideation process alongside the artist. Once the artwork is conceptualized we can then manipulate size, hues, finishes, and applications so that the end result is unparalleled. 

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Incorporating artwork into a space during the Design and Rendering Process provides an ease and flow for Architects, Designers, and peace of mind for Clients. This is especially helpful as, regretably, art is often the last element to be considered. Allow us to bring an added dimension to your projects from a foundational place so that we may help you create thoughtful, unique, and impressive spaces. Utilizing the harmony of a collaboration between your renderings and/or photos and our access to world-class artists and artwork, together we can ensure a flawless result and no unwanted surprises.


Whether your focus is primarily in the Commercial Sector or Residential Space, Virtual Installations carry great impact and provide an array of options for styling to a brand or creating a one-of-a-kind space with its own unique personality.