Nicole Chesney
oil painting on acid-etched and mirrored glass
30" x 36" x 1"
$ 25,000.

A C Q U I S I T I O N   I N Q U I R I E S

About the Exhibition

"Warm breath on cool glass, the play of cast shadows and light on a wall, falling feathers, a whisper — mysterious, gentle signs of life that invoke visceral, emotive responses. I imbue my paintings with their own distinct vitality similar to these subtle, often unnoticed whispers. Created from layers of oil paint on etched, mirrored glass, these paintings envelope viewers in a seductive, mysterious space. Their reflective, shining, richly saturated surfaces are unapologetic in their beauty and desirous, jewel-like appeal. Yet they never remain stable — the constantly changing ray of incidence and ray of reflection on their mirrored surfaces makes each visual encounter unique and ephemeral. For those that stay, look, and linger, the works slowly, subtly reveal new facets of themselves. 

My work explores the relationship between light, space, visual perception, and imagination. The mirrored glass surfaces in these works not only create pieces that are always visually transforming, but also produce an optical depth that beckons viewers in. Viewers see a faint outline of themselves — a dark reflection that varies with the changing light and shade of oil pigment. Mirrors represent the human desire to see and reflect that which is desired. In this light, my paintings reflect back to the viewer their own imagined space — a desirous, inner landscape or an unknowable, future dreamscape."