About the Exhibition


Embracing history and the continuum of centuries of narrative visual art is at the core of these paintings. I dissect those narratives to borrow and embody the relevant elements, then alter or discard that which is irrelevant. Acknowledging history, we learn to move forward and not emulate the past. Directed by history, I transform seductive contradictions into constructive affirmations while lingering in the persistent alchemical nature of painting.

These paintings are about gathering, accumulating and integrating diverse visual elements to fuel expansive growth and infinite possibility. Increscent is cumulative, deepening, waxing—the act of becoming full. It is multifaceted, referring not only to an extension of the premise with which I have worked since 2015, but also my methodology in painting.

Broadening my painterly vocabulary, I am incorporating photographs from my recent travels to Italy into some of the work. With veiled and shrouded imagery, I am excavating the sedimentary historical allegories of my ancestry which are the very basis of Greco-Roman and Abrahamic religions and cultures; stories I strongly feel have little relevance for 21st century humanity. The paintings and hybrid photo-paintings are multi-layered, stratified and perhaps visually perplexing at times—they contain echoes of the chaos inherent in negotiating antiquity, while attempting to find a sustaining sense of benevolence in the moment.

This body of work explores how merging, obscuring and rephrasing these mired epic tales can be applied to the issues we face as human beings inhabiting one planet—concerns that are vast, troublesome and seemingly overwhelming. Through my investigations with photography and painting I see unlimited potential, realizing virtue runs stronger than the nefarious forces surrounding us.

I am questioning and challenging ideologies, perceptions, beliefs and convictions—my own, and others. Accepting that we are made by history within an Increscent framework is where I find clues to suggest a more universally tolerant future by capturing the ancient and fusing the present.

 —Lawrence Fodor, 2021