About the Exhibition

Hunt Rettig’s process-based discipline is a continual quest to transform interesting materials into the sublime. Rettig is known for his elegant 3D creations that produce the illusion of 2D, backlit, digital compositions that shift color. These original works are built from molded and shaped polyester on an acrylic substrate, which is coated – through a proprietary method developed by the artist – with paint, film, synthetic rubber, and silicone. 

“I am ultimately a mental perfectionist,” Rettig says. “I know that perfection only exists in my mind, I therefore explore from the inside out.” Biomorphic shapes seen in Rettig’s work suggest sensual elements universal in nature. “Especially with plantlike forms I see what I can best describe as the invisibly visible, out of reach and out of context, infinitely reproducing,” says the artist. “The irregularities I introduce represent man’s mark on nature – producing landscapes unnatural yet natural at the same time.”

This most unique and impressive body of work will be Rettig’s debut exhibition in Sun Valley.