Upon Further Reflection


About the Exhibition

The work presented in this show was created during a time of global upheaval, in circumstances that prompted reflection on our priorities and re-evaluation of many aspects of our lives and livelihoods. The deprivation and monotony of sheltering-in-place induced a thirst for change, variety, and new excitement. In my artistic practice, this took the form of experimentation with a variety of new mediums, processes, and techniques.

After months of working in my studio with a myriad of new methods and materials, the calming beauty of water and freedom of working in plein air with my camera proved a stronger lure. With a fresh perspective, refined vision and renewed passion, I returned to some of my favorite locations after a long absence. There, wind and light are the capricious brushes whose synthesis with water generates more mesmerizing, mysterious imagery than my mind can conjure or my hands can create. 
In certain images, recognizable elements are included in the compositions, providing a contrast between inexplicable abstraction and factual reality. The fusing of the mundane and the mysterious is a jolt to our eyes, prompting us to analyze and re-evaluate the opposing subjects.