Mark Ryden's excerpt from Speak for the Trees

An inspiring and powerful publication ~ 76 important artists from around the world Speak For The Trees with their work, their wisdom, and their awareness. Mediums represented include painting, sculpture, photography, glass and conceptual art. Poignant offerings by 70+ significant authors (throughout history) are also showcased. This hardcover book measures 12" x 11" and contains 200 pages. Speak For The Trees is not only about art, nor is it solely about the environment, spirituality, science, or philosophy. This collection embodies and blends all of these elements and more: it transcends boundaries. 

The artists in this powerful new book, Speak For The Trees, include both young and emerging artists, and such world-renowned figures as David Hockney, conceptual artist Yoko Ono, pop-surrealist Mark Ryden, international-environmental artists Christo and Jeanne-Claude and the beyond categorization Starn Brothers. Each artist contributed artwork, which has been showcased on a two-page spread together with the artist’s thinking on his or her work in relationship to trees, and with a quotation each selected from writers as diverse as Albert Einstein and Pablo Picasso, Abraham Lincoln and Henry David Thoreau, William Shakespeare and Ogden Nash (who memorably wrote: “I think that I shall never see/ A billboard lovely as a tree/ Perhaps unless the billboards fall/ I’ll never see a tree at all”).

Speak For The Trees carries the certification logo of the Forest Stewardship
Council (FSC). The FSC is an international certification and labeling system
for products that come from responsibly managed forests and verified
recycled sources. Under FSC certification, forests are certified against a set
of strict standards, and fiber from these forests is tracked to the consumer
through the “chain-of-custody” certification system. This means that all
links in the chain—from forests, pulp providers, and mills to printing
presses—must have certification for a product to carry the fsc logo. The
purchase of fsc-certified paper and printed products contributes to conservation,
responsible management, and community-level benefits for people
who live near the forests that provide the paper.

Speak For The Trees was printed in China by Artron Color Printing, using
soy-based inks on 157 gsm Korean Moorim FSC-certified, acid-free matte art
paper. Soy-based inks are more environmentally friendly than traditional
petroleum-based ink.

S P E A K   F O R   T H E   T R E E S   B O O K
Composed by Andria Friesen
Produced by Marquand Books, Inc., Seattle
Designed by John Hubbard
The principal text is set in Whitman,
Designed by Kent Lew.
ISBN 978-0-615-31547-8



Patrick Dougherty's excerpt from Speak for the Trees

S H O W C A S E D   A R T I S T S
Kim Abeles, Norman Akers, Nancy Azara, Zadok Ben-David, Martin Blank, Jennifer Bolande, Katherine Bowling, Broomberg and Chanarin, Michael Brophy, Christopher Brown, Thomas Brummett, Jerry Burchfield, Rebecca Campbell, Catherine Chalmers, Eun-Suh Choi, Christo and Jeanne-Claude, Andie deRoux, Patrick Dougherty, John Fincher, Lawrence Fodor, Sally Gall, Suvan Geer, April Gornik, Katherine Gray, Stephen Hannock, Julie Heffernan, Paul Heussenstamm, David Hockney, Katie Holten, Steve Jensen, Richard Jolley, Kim Keever, Mayme Kratz, Jill Lear, Myoung Ho Lee, Annie Styron Leonard, Emily Leonard, Charles Lindsay, Robert Longo, Lynda Lowe, Holly Lyman, Spike Mafford, Tanya Marcuse, Angus Marland, Didier Massard, Ricardo Mazal, Jason Middlebrook, Andrew Millner, Janis Miltenberger, Yvette Molina, Forrest Moses, Martin Mosko, Long Bach Nguyen, Shelley Niro, Brian Nobbs, Yoko Ono, Rona Pondick, Lin Rabin, Lucas Reiner, Chris Richter, Mark Ryden, Laura Scandrett, Lisa Shaw, Catherine Eaton Skinner, Rob Snyder, Julie Speidel, Sebastian Spreng, Starn Brothers | Doug + Mike, Linda Vallejo, Robert Wiens, Laura Sharp Wilson, Dana Zed & Tom Zetterstrom

F E A T U R E D   A U T H O R S
Judith Barrington, Matsuo Basho, William Blake, BodhiDharma, Buddha, Buddhist sutra, Tom Campanella, Joseph Campbell, Willa Cather, Charles Darwin, H. L. Davis, Annie Dillard, Albert Einstein, Ralph Waldo Emerson, EnviroZine Magazine, Kate Farrell, Lawrence Ferlinghetti, Andria Friesen, Robert Frost, Theodor Seuss Geisel, Dr. James Gibbs, Kahlil Gibran, John Giorno, Joseph Gregor, Fred Hageneder, Margot Henderson, Hindu Reva Shastra, Jane Hirshfield, E. Pauline Johnson, Grant Jones, Joshu, Kevin Kelly, Francis La Flesche, Gottfried Leibniz, Abraham Lincoln, James Russell Lowell, Lewis MacAdams, Dorothy Maclean, E. J. McAdams, Richard Milazzo, Marianne Moore, John Muir, Michael Murphy, Ogden Nash, Ojibwa saying, Yoko Ono, Pablo Picasso, Joshua Pondick, Marcel Proust, Donna Ratajczak, Jules Renard, Rainer Maria Rilke, Sogyal Rinpoche, Joshua-Michéle Ross, Edmond Rostand, Jalaluddin Rumi, Sappho, Seneca, William Shakespeare, George Bernard Shaw, Charles M. Skinner, Richard St. Barbe Baker, Rudolf Steiner, Robert Louis Stevenson, Su Tung-Po, Rabindranath Tagore, Edward Thomas, Henry David Thoreau, David Wagoner, Nicole Walker, David Rains Wallace, Welsh proverb, Lawrence Weschler, Gordon Wheeler, Kit White, Walt Whitman, William Carlos Williams, William Wordsworth & Yokuts Indian prayer