About the Artist


Lauren Mantecón

Lauren Mantecón, American abstract painter, was born in Providence, Rhode Island in 1964 and grew up moving between the east and west coasts, negotiating the terrain of identity and place in the middle. She earned her BA in conceptual photography from California State University, Fullerton and her MFA from Portland State University, OR.

Mantecón work has been featured since 1990 in solo and group exhibitions in museums and galleries throughout the USA and internationally. She has been the recipient of numerous awarded art residencies that include: Djerassi, Woodside, CA, Sitka Center for Art and Ecology, Otis, OR, Jentel, Banner, WY.

Mantecón has been an educator of mixed media approaches to art for over twenty years; having taught at University of Portland, Portland State University, and Santa Fe Community College, NM and as a workshop instructor on the Alchemy of Mixed Media and Painting- focusing on unconventional techniques to the creative process that include; Oregon College of Art and Craft, OR, Sun Valley Canter for the Arts, Ketchum, ID, Jackson Hole Center for the Arts, WY, ICB Center, Sausalito, CA, Mendocino Center for the Arts, CA, Sitka Center for Art and Technology, Otis, OR, Huiho’olana Arts Center, Molokai Hawaii, Aha School for the Arts, Telluride, CO, Ghost Ranch, Abiquiu, NM, Hollyhock Learning Center, Mansons Landing, BC.  

The artist currently lives works and teaches in Santa Fe, New Mexico

 “My work embodies a lifelong fascination with the inexplicable mysteries of life. Each painting elicits complex layered surfaces exploring a multitude of materials and paint in combination with ephemeral subject matter.” LM


Artist Statement


Paint for me transcends the material world—color, non-color, ambiguous shapes, veils—all serve as a visual dialogue between what cannot be seen but can be felt. The crossing points between earth and spirit. I work to capture the ethereal, to find the intelligence in aesthetic beauty. My influences include fragments of dreams, visions and the complexity of an omnipresent force I crave to bring to form.

Over twenty-five years of painting I have risked, deconstructed, shuffled, veiled, denied, wrestled, reckoned with and resurrected surface over and over again. It’s to date my longest standing relationship and I hold deep reverence to the process. I search out, hold space and wait for the in between places–the relational glimpses of ephemeral frequencies that sometimes imagine their way through me. Mutating form and color into boundaries and tension points is what informs the process.

Sometimes the paintings happen quickly, the initial spark of a gesture and completed narration found in playful juxtaposition of textures and minimal hues of contrast. But most often, I labor. Paintings built up over time. Layers of paint on top of paint, hiding and obscuring–a palimpsest of surface effaced with traces of beginnings at the end. These hold potent energy for me.