1 – 26 SEPTEMBER 2017

About the Exhibition

Trajectories, a group exhibition on view at Friesen Gallery beginning 1 September 2017, celebrates the storytelling of seven artists—Rachel Brumer, Chris Richter, Christopher Brown, Mark Rediske, Piper O’Neill, Dennis Evans and Nancy Mee—and the paths each has taken through painting, sculpture and fiber art. From the quilted constellations of Rachel Brumer to relics from Cassini’s Library, Trajectories offers an invitation to voyage. 

Also on view is Lawrence Fodor’s Eclipse: obscured memories, now extended through 26 September 2017. Fodor's images are homages to historical artworks by Peter Paul Rubens, Jean Étienne-Jules Ramey, Michelangelo Buonarroti, Leonardo da Vinci, Théodore Gericault and ancient Greco-Roman sculpture that he created using only his hands to interpret his contemporary take on classic works.