Opening Reception:

08 March 2019

Lauren Mantecón
Intersections of Vast Things
oil and mixed media on panel
Lauren Mantecón
Vapors in Precipitation
oil and mixed media on panel
Lauren Mantecón
Within the Fog That Unfolds
oil and mixed media on panel

About the Exhibition

I am looking to build, hide and excavate mark making. Paint for me transcends the material world—color, non-color, ambiguous shapes, veils—all serve as a visual dialogue between what cannot be seen but can be felt. The crossing points between earth and spirit.


Lauren Mantecón's most recent practice dictates a slightly different variation: the grain of wood; ink, gesso and paint are kept in their initial gestural stages. A deliberate style of mark making relishing a complete dialogue within the unfinished and ambiguous. Structured intention balance with spontaneous composition. She is following what the French poet Francis Ponge called 'the law of determining indeterminates.'

Currently represented by Friesen Gallery in Ketchum, Idaho; Muse Gallery in Columbus, Ohio and Hilton Head, South Carolina; Mark Woolley Gallery in Portland, OR; and Imogen Gallery in Astoria, OR. Lauren has exhibited her work extensively across the Western United States, as well as in New York and Mexico.

Lauren is a recipient of The Lillian Orlowsky and William Freed Grant (2015) and has been awarded numerous art residencies that include Djerassi, Woodside, CA; Santa Fe Art Institute; and The Helene Wurlitzer Foundation in Taos, NM.

Lauren spent her childhood moving between the East and West Coasts, negotiating the terrain of identity and place in the middle. After settling in Southern California as a young adult, she earned her B.A. in conceptual photography from Cal State Fullerton, where she was deeply influenced by the work of Cindy Sherman and Lorna Simpson, who worked in self/cultural photo documentation.

Lauren earned her M.F.A. from Portland State University in 1997, where she began to deepen her focus on transcendence and beauty leading to a visual practice anchored in navigating the crossing points between the material world and the atmosphere of spirit. She currently resides in New Mexico and teaches workshops on the creative process in art centers around the country and in her Santa Fe studio.