About the Artist

Mark Rediske

Mark Rediske earned his MA in painting from St. Cloud State in Minnesota in 1985. His muted palette reveals increasingly abstracted and gestural imagery in a series of timelessly elegant works. Rediske is interested in the malleable and transparent qualities of wax that he uses to create meticulously layered works in oil pastel and encaustic. Building up color and wax allows for a constructive and destructive process as Rediske abstracts the picture plane by drawing on and scratching away the surface of each piece. 

Rediske says of his creative process, 'I draw my inspiration in part from the timeless belief that nature has both a physical presence and a spiritual identity. Ideally, I see my paintings as a bridge between the natural world and archetypal symbols of rebirth and evolution. In this regard I feel a great affinity with the iconography of ancient civilizations.'

Mark Rediske was selected by the Seattle Art Dealers Association (SADA) to be a part of the Century 21 exhibit at the Wright Exhibition Space in Seattle in 2008.


Artist Statement

For the past few years I have been working exclusively with encaustics. I am intrigued by the versatile and malleable properties of this ancient medium. I find an affinity with the lustrous and uniquely beautiful surfaces which can be achieved with this wax based paint. I am fascinated by the process of applying the molten paint and the myriad of ways in which the image can then be worked.

The passage of time is also reflected in the botanical images which reappear in my work. As my garden matures, I discover more and more solace in the transient beauty of that nurtured space. I am awed by the mysticism and renewal found there.